Thursday, 27 August 2009

Haven't been on here for a few weeks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

To be honest I haven't really had a very good "weight loss" time so was a bit fed up and not in the right mood to be posting,,,,, although I guess I should still do it even when I'm not feeling so positive ??

Since my last entry,,,,, I have gained, lost and sts lol,,,,,, I'm actually 2lbs UP on what I was so have gone back down to only having lost 12lbs !!

I've given up going to ww's because I can no longer attend the class I used to go to due to work, I start my new job on 7th September but have had some temping work so haven't been going to class as the one I went to was in the mornings !

I really think that is my downfall,,,,, I KNOW I need the discipline of attending class as it keeps me on track, but I think I've kind of ended up back in "the old frame of mind" again and I will have to get my arse into gear again pretty soon if I am to achieve my ultimate goal by xmas !!

I have 3 stones to lose and am not sure if I'll do it or not ? I'm gonna do my best though and am hoping that when I'm working, it'll be easier to get back into "tracking" my points etc,,,, I even have the points scales now so it shouldn't be an issue, it's all in my head again and I know where I'm going wrong, all I have to do is STOP !!! sounds so easy when you say it,,,,, not so easy to DO

Monday, 17 August 2009

Happy wedding anniversary to us lol

Yep,,,poor old Andy has had to put up with me for 13 years (18 if you count our courtship) now there's a word you don't hear often LOL

I still don't have a start date for my new job yet sadly but am hoping to hear from them this week,,,, I really need to get started now,,,I'm very bored !!

Have had a pretty good week, diet wise,,,,although I didn't point at all I still lost 1 lb so thats ok,,,going down instead of up is always a bonus.

Oh have you heard the new song by Peter Andre ?? Behind closed Doors,,,,brill sound,,,,luvit go Peter go !!!

Not really much to report this time,,,,,,,,,, l8rs guys

Sunday, 9 August 2009

This piccy has just been taken,,,,, I've lost my 1st stone and am very happy !!
The past 2 weeks of not being particularly goo didn't do any damage, I lost 1lb which is what I needed for my 1st stone so I can cope with that.
My next target is 10% of my weight,,,, so have about 6 lbs to lose for that one. I find it easier to manage if I go for "bite sized" targets lol,,,,,not such a huge obstical that way.
I've had some great news about the job too,,,,, they got back to me on Thursday afternoon and offered me the job so I'm made up !! the pressure is off a bit now and I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel.
I don't have a start date yet but hoping it wont be too long,,,,, I'm going to have to buy a car now too coz I'll be working between 2 sites,,,,,,,, Christchurch hospital and Bournemouth hospital.
Thats all for now guys,,,,,, next time I'll be reporting another loss and hopefully a start date for the job,,,,,

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I haven't been on here for a few days,,,,, not had a brilliant week,,,, the ww's seems to have gone completely to pot since I started doing some temp work for the agency. I havn't been organised with my food so basically have just been eating anything handy,,,,DOH

I got weighed last week and had stayed the same,,,, I am due to get weighed again tomorrow and because I'm working it isn't possible to go to class so will have to use the scales at home,,,, fingers x'd I won't have done too much damage !!!

I had another interview today and will know by Friday how I got on,,,, I felt it went well but the again all my interviews do,,,, you just never can tell lol,,,,

I guess what will be will be as Doris Day once said !!

Well I'm going now coz I'm bored,,,,, lol,,,,, till next time,,,,,,mwoah !