Thursday, 27 August 2009

Haven't been on here for a few weeks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

To be honest I haven't really had a very good "weight loss" time so was a bit fed up and not in the right mood to be posting,,,,, although I guess I should still do it even when I'm not feeling so positive ??

Since my last entry,,,,, I have gained, lost and sts lol,,,,,, I'm actually 2lbs UP on what I was so have gone back down to only having lost 12lbs !!

I've given up going to ww's because I can no longer attend the class I used to go to due to work, I start my new job on 7th September but have had some temping work so haven't been going to class as the one I went to was in the mornings !

I really think that is my downfall,,,,, I KNOW I need the discipline of attending class as it keeps me on track, but I think I've kind of ended up back in "the old frame of mind" again and I will have to get my arse into gear again pretty soon if I am to achieve my ultimate goal by xmas !!

I have 3 stones to lose and am not sure if I'll do it or not ? I'm gonna do my best though and am hoping that when I'm working, it'll be easier to get back into "tracking" my points etc,,,, I even have the points scales now so it shouldn't be an issue, it's all in my head again and I know where I'm going wrong, all I have to do is STOP !!! sounds so easy when you say it,,,,, not so easy to DO

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