Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I haven't been on here for a few days,,,,, not had a brilliant week,,,, the ww's seems to have gone completely to pot since I started doing some temp work for the agency. I havn't been organised with my food so basically have just been eating anything handy,,,,DOH

I got weighed last week and had stayed the same,,,, I am due to get weighed again tomorrow and because I'm working it isn't possible to go to class so will have to use the scales at home,,,, fingers x'd I won't have done too much damage !!!

I had another interview today and will know by Friday how I got on,,,, I felt it went well but the again all my interviews do,,,, you just never can tell lol,,,,

I guess what will be will be as Doris Day once said !!

Well I'm going now coz I'm bored,,,,, lol,,,,, till next time,,,,,,mwoah !

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