Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hi guys,,,

Have had a bit of an up and down week to be honest, I think the dissapointing result of last week affected me more than anticipated.

I've struggled to stick to my points this week,,,,,, not going over,,,, but being under pretty much every day and I think it's had a slowing down effect on my weight as I only lost .5lb today so am still 1 lb away from that elusive 1st stone loss !!!

I have decided that this week I must eat all my points and hopefully next week I'll lose more weight. It's difficult when you're not particularly hungry, for whatever reason.

I'm still job hunting like a bloody maniac and filling in application forms both online and paper ones, I've just got another one to do today,,,,, I'm at the stage where I'm asking myself "why bother" nobody wants to employ me !! Then I realise that I have to continue coz otherwise there's going to be huge problems in the coming months as we cannot afford to stay here and pay this high rent so off I go now to do the application and hope that maybe next week when I get weighed and post on here,,,, there may be good news for a change !!

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