Thursday, 2 July 2009

Well I had my weigh in yesterday and was dissapointed that I only lost 1lb,,! I'd had a good week and been more active so was expecting 2lbs,,,,, never mind,,,,, draw a line under it, this is a new week and I have to stay focused and positive coz it'd be so easy to give up ! but THIS TIME I'm not going to

Andy has gone fishing today, the weather is glorious so I hope he doesn't come back sunburnt again, he does every time he goes fishing,,,,lol,,,

I'm not sure what my plans are for today yet, I have washing and ironing to do and of the course the obligatory job hunt !!! don't know why I'm bothering, I get no interviews and only rejection letters, I'm really getting downhearted now and feel as if I'm ready for the scrap heap ! I don't know why employers don't employ people on their merits and not on their age, I know they say they don't discriminate but they bloody well do !

This is getting to be a bit negative so I'm going to pop off and do some exercise to get rid of my pent up anger,,,lol,,I may be back later,,,,if not I'll see you next time

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