Friday, 10 July 2009

It's been a funny few days. I've been ok with my food but still haven't done much exercise ! I'm naughty really because I know if I did more I'd lose more weight but I really can't motivate myself.

I had a sneaky peak at the scales this morning tho and I haven't lost anything since weigh in so am going to have to do something to pull off that 1.5 lbs loss I need for next week,,,, so I get my 1st stone. I'm lucky that the weekends are no challenge for me coz Andy's usually working so it's just like any other day.

May be getting a second hand bike soon,,,,, then I'll get more exercise coz Andy and I will go riding together, it all helps. Mind you I am terrified of them lol,,,, don't know why ? guess I'm just strange.

Well I'm off now to do some housework,,,, maybe if I put some jazzy music on I'll dance around with the hoover and duster and get a workout ? lol

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