Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Well here I am in all my yukky glory,,,,, lol,,, This is 8 weeks into the weight watchers programme and I thought it'd be a good idea to take regular piccys,,,,no matter how revolting they are,,,,, so I have some sort of reference point as I'm losing the weight,,,,because lose it I will
Having said that I'm not a happy bunny today. Had my WI at class and stayed the same. I was gutted because I always weigh myself on WI day at home 1st thing in the morning before I go to WI and according to my scales I've lost 2lbs,,,,, compared to MY WI last week,,,, yet the scales at class reckon I haven't ??? boohoo
I'm not going to let this throw me off track tho' it's making me more determined to carry on !! I want that 2nd silver 7 next week and my 1st stone GONE,,,,, I will have my victory lol
At class today there was a young girl who had just reached her target weight,,,,, losing a total of 62 lbs in just over 9 months !! she looked great, she was very pretty anyway but with the loss of all that weight she looked really good. I was very pleased for her as she'd worked so hard.
Also it was nice that I could get a bit of an idea how long it could take me to lose the 63lbs I want to,,,12.5 gone ONLY another 50.5lbs to go,,,,, doesn't sound too bad if you say it kwik !!!! lol

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