Saturday, 4 July 2009

I've had a few really good days food wise,,,, not done so good with the exercise, I can't seem to motivate myself !! never mind,, I'll get into it eventually.

This hot weather we've been having seems to have affected everyone apart from me ?! I haven't lost my appetite at all,,,,, I have however found it harder to sleep, but then I'm a rubbish sleeper anyway and always take hours to drop off.

It's Andy's birthday today,,, he's gone fishing,,, well not strictly true, there's a charity fishing trip in aid of breast cancer,,, all women,,,,so the skipper of the boat Andy normally goes on has asked him to join them to "help out",,,, so he won't be fishing, he's there to put the bait on the hooks and take the fish off the hooks and basically help the women, some of them have never fished before so he'll tell them what to do. So,,,,, every mans dream really,,, stuck in the middle of the sea with 10 women lol,,, not so sure it'll be their's tho,,, he'll probably get thrown overboard if he tells too many of his daft jokes !! lol

I'll be going to meet up with them all at the end of the day coz there's a presentation in the local pub,,,, and as it's his birthday he'll have a few pints so muggins will have to drive home.

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