Monday, 6 July 2009

Well,,, here we go again,,, new week,,,, the weekend was ok. I met up with Andy and the girls from the charity fishing trip on Saturday evening for a drink. They had a good day and all caught some fish so they were pleased !
I struggled over the weekend to keep in my points, I seemed to be hungry for some strange reason but hey,,, can't be plain sailing, coz that's not what my life's like,,,,lol
Spent a lot of yesterday laughing,,,,, at Andy,,, naturally,,,,, he was painting his canoe, which is laying on the stairs, he missed his footing and fell down the stairs ! It was hilarious,,,, all I heard was a thud followed by aaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh,,,,,, so I ran into the hallway and peered over the top of the stairs and there he was lying in a heap at the bottom of the stairs with his head against the door,,,,,lol,,, I couldn't help him coz I was laughing so much. He was ok,,, no damage done, except to his pride,,, he was laughing too so that was ok. Tell you,,,, never a dull moment !!
I've been contemplating whether I should change my weigh in day and class or not. The past two weeks I've been to my local class which is at 10am on Wednesday,,,, simply coz it's literally a 2 minute walk up the road from me and it's in the morning which I like coz I'm at my lightest then lol. However the class I registered at is on Wednesday evenings at 6pm,,,, the only problem with that is it's further away and there are a few people there who like to dominate the talks ! As it is at the moment I'm ok going in the mornings,,,, but when I get a job I'll need to go to the evening class,,,, but as I don't know how much longer it's going to take to get a job, I don't know if I should transfer to the morning class or not,,,,,, so,,,,, you see my quandry???
Well,,, I'm sure I'll make a decision before next class. Doh. lol

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