Tuesday, 30 June 2009

mmmmm,,,,, red suede shoes. I bought these shoes 2 years ago and have worn them once! I find I can't wear them while I'm so over weight,,, so these are one of my "targets",,,, to be able to get them on and walk for a bit and they feel comfy. lol.

Well so far this week it's been good, since getting back on track on Saturday I've had good days, made good choices food wise and done a bit more exercise,,, not that I ever enjoy exercise, I hate it and always will but I now know it's a necessary evil,,,,very evil if you ask me !! So I'm hoping for at least 1lb loss tmoro at WI,,,,, fingers x'd

Nothing else much happening at the moment, I'm still waiting for a job,,, I've applied for everything possible over the past few weeks. All of the jobs have long end dates for the applications tho, so from actually applying to hearing about interviews can sometimes be as long as 6 weeks !! it's so frustrating. I get annoyed to when I hear people moaning about work,,,,DO THEY NOT REALISE HOW LUCKY THEY ARE ??? ggggrrrrrrrrrrr

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