Wednesday, 10 June 2009

This photo was taken in August 2002 not long after losing just over 3 stones on the Lighterlife programme. I felt great and didn't look too bad either. Sadly, since then the weight has crept back on and I've tried different things over the years,,,the usual quick fixes,,,pills and potions and daft things that cost a lot but didn't do much !! I decided 4 weeks ago that enough was enough,,,,I'd hit 14 stones !!! my heaviest ever and I've had enough. I feel old, fat, frumpy, lethargic, depressed and very unsexy. Soooooooo,,,,,I decided to give weight watchers another go. I checked it out on the internet first and reading about it realised that actually it had changed a huge amount since 1972, when you had to eat liver twice a week and fish 5 times a week etc, etc, etc,,,, all of which was a nightmare coz at 15 I wasn't really into liver !! eeeeuuuukkkk
I bought a monthly pass,,,that way I knew I had to attend the group at least 4 times coz I'd already paid plus there was no registration fee. So off I went, nervously, to my first meeting. It was ok, I got a nice little bag with some books and leaflets and guidance on what to do. My leader set me a 5% goal and I am working towards it now. I went home, sat down and planned my meals for the coming week. I had to use 18 points so that sounded ok, not too daunting I guess. Anyway I got on with the task in hand, watching carefully that I didn't go over my points, checking the correct weights and measures. Don't get me wrong I didn't spend all week weighing and measuring food, it isn't that strict and no food is banned which is great coz you can have your little choccy fixes and crisps etc as long as you point them,,,most foods are listed in the little book you get so I couldn't go wrong. After the first week I went to weigh in and had lost 4 lbs !!! I was made up and spurred on to continue.

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