Monday, 22 June 2009

Oh how I wish I was there again now,,, Egypt,,,,lovely

Well I've just had a really nice lunch,,,pitta bread with low fat houmus, wafer thin ham, loads of salad followed by a pear. I've had a good few days and feel very posisitve about my weigh in on Wednesday.

I received The Biggest Loser workout DVD this morning. Well what can I say ? It's very energetic and looks really hard work but it also looks really good,,,,lol,,,what I do like is the fact that the BL contestants are the ones doing the workouts with Richard (phew!!) and Angie and it's not a class of people who exercise regularly together and never get any steps wrong,,,it's funny in places watching them get things wrong or,, like Katey,, hardly MOVE !!! lol,,, it does look really good tho so I'll give it a go, I'll probably need an oxygen tent half way through but hey it's exercise.

On a different note,,,I'm off to trim the front garden hedge now.

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