Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Just thought I'd put this one on,,,fathers day coming up and all,,,I was about 12 in this photo with my dad. Sadly he passed away in March so this will be the 1st year without him. I wish I was that slim now!

I've not been having such a good week this week,,, I keep thinking I have been sticking to my "points" each day but some days have gone over and then tried to claw them back the next day without much success,,,and as far as exercise is concerned,,,forget it, I seem to have lost the will to do anything. I reckon it's because I'm still worrying about work. I want to join my local gym but without the money it's not possible. The sooner a job turns up the better. Well have not had a good week so am not going to carry on bleating,,,,so,,,bye for now.

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