Friday, 12 June 2009

This is the most recent photo I have,,,it was xmas 2008 with my boys, Rob on my right, Paul on my left. As you can see there is a huge difference between me in that photo and the one taken in 2002 ! This photo made me "wake up" and decide to do something, but until now I wasn't in the right frame of mind to act on my decision.

I had my 2nd weigh in and had gained half a lb, I wasn't really surprised as I had found the plan difficult to stick to in my 2nd week coz Andy was off work on his hol and we had a few days out and I hadn't stuck to the plan properly,,,I failed to plan (as they say) and the scales showed the results of this failure. But I wasn't going to lose heart and give up (something I do all the time) I am determined that this time I am going to continue with what I've started and actually achieve something ! I'm so fed up of being a loser.

I really ought to do some exercise too,,,but at the moment I can't get motivated,,,I think if I had a job it'd be better coz all I'm concentrating on right now is job hunting, I can't really think of much else,,,,,spose I could dust off my Rosemary Conley/Coleen Nolan DVD and give that a go a couple of times a week ? In fact, I'm gonna do it NOW,,,,,,,I'm off,,,,,,see you later guys xx

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