Saturday, 13 June 2009

Well,,,,what can I say ? Picture taken at about the exact time I decided that enough was enough and I HAVE to lose weight. I look a right mess and felt horrible, it's moments like these that I remember, I can count on one hand the times I've looked at a photo of me and actually didn't cringe inside. I hate photo's.
I've had a really good week so far with my eating plan, I've made sure I planned my meals and have prepared well in advance,,,,I'm not very good at being organised so for me this in itself is an achievement. I've pretty much had all my points for each day and have drunk 2 litres of water,,,,not great for your sleeping patterns,,,up at least 3 times at night running to the bathroom for a pee, but hey it's all weight coming off so I shouldn't really complain. I'm filling up on zero point foods and have made some really tasty zero point soups too,,,,so all in all I'm feeling very positive and quite happy about my future weight loss.

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