Saturday, 20 June 2009

LOL,,,,, just luvit !!

Well I've had a really good day today,,, I've kept within my points and have made filling choices with my food so am feeling very smug ! I've just made a delicious chicken balti from my weight watchers recipe book and it was really good,,,I was surprised coz a lot of the recipes are a bit incipid :-( ,,,,,, to say the least,,,,, and I am nicely satisfied now.

I also did my exercise dvd this afternoon so that's good too. I can't wait till my new workout dvd arrives,,,I've ordered "THE BIGGEST LOSER" workout dvd and it shoul be here on Monday. Good value too off Amazon £10.98, instead of almost £18,,,,I just hope it's hard work and that you don't need loads of equipment coz I don't have anything ! lol

I had a nice long phone conversation with one of my good friends who I haven't seen or spoken to for quite a few months, so that has also helped to brighten my day. All in all I'm a very happy bunny today !! lets hope this mood continues.

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