Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I thought I'd stick this picture on,,,taken on holiday in Egypt about 4 years ago, I think. Andy and I were on a trip to a secluded island where we all did some snorkelling. I'm not sure I actually liked it,,, it was lovely to see all the fish and so close too,,,but I don't like the snorkel noises coz as you are under the water everything sounds amplified and my breathing was getting louder and louder and in the end I had to get out of the water !! However the day was very nice and relaxing.

Back to the present. I've had my weigh in tonight and wasn't very happy, I only lost half lb. I was hoping to get 1 lb this week coz that would have meant I'd lost half a stone, and that's a bit of a goal,,,,but never mind I'll do it at next weeks weigh in, just got to be really aware of my points and try harder!

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