Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Well,,, I haven't had a good start to the day. Firstly I had to go and have a fasting blood test done so I was very hungry,,,,, had blood taken ok and got home. Had some porridge for brekky coz it always fills me up nicely,,,, then I put my lappy on and got this email from a guy who bought my old mobile phone off me about 2 weeks ago,,,,saying that it was working ok but now it isnt, it keeps going off by itself and he cant get it back on,,, then it's ok and then it goes off again and he wants to return it to me and have his money back !! I'm not happy about that coz if it was ok and now it isn't surely that isn't my problem,,,? but I don't want him to contact ebay and complain coz I've got 100% feedback,,,, bummer,,,don't know what to do so will have to have a think.
Soooooooo,,,,all this b4 lunch time !! hope it doesn't knock me off course coz I've been doing really well this week and It's weigh in tmoro so don't wanna blow it,,,I'm pretty sure I've lost at least 1.5 lbs this week.
I did my Rosemary Conley exercise dvd this morning,,, so I'm keeping up with the bits of exercise to try and maximise my weight loss,,,, (still hate it),,,lol,,, hopefully when I next report it'll be to say YIPPEE,,,,got my silver 7 !! lol

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