Thursday, 25 June 2009

Foxy in the garden !!

Well, today is not a good day,,,, I feel really bad about not pointing yesterday,,,, I didn't enjoy the food I ate anyway and felt sluggish and bloated and just horrible !! I really won't do that again. It's so true what they say at weight watchers "fail to plan, plan to fail" ,,,, and I did.

Anyway I've drawn a line underneath it and have started again this morning, completely on track, had porridge for brekky and jacket spud with cottage cheese for lunch so feel happy with that.

Well what can I say,,,, it's a few hours since I did the first part of this blog,,,since then things have taken a turn for the worse and how I haven't turned to food I don't know,,, !! Went to pick Andy up from work and got to the car only to find a bloody parking ticket on it,,,long story,,,but suffice to say it has upset me immensely,,, basically there is a 30 minute limit for parking but as we live here we don't have anywhere else to park,,,,, the council just say go in one of the side roads,,,but the nearest one is a five minute walk away and there are enough spaces for about 5 cars !!! Useless. I'm going now.

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