Friday, 12 June 2009

Well I did the exercise dvd,,,,I actually did a longer session than I normally do so that's gotta be good.

This photo was taken when I was about 12, with my cousin Chris, so I haven't always been huge. I'm not sure when the "real" weight started to pile on but I can't ever really remember being anything other than fat, isn't that weird coz quite obviously from this photo,,,I wasn't always fat. I think the problems start as soon as you begin to diet, certainly in my case they did. I was 10 stones and decided I needed to diet, what was that all about ? I've only ever been 10 stones once in my life since then and that was after I'd done the Lighterlife programme.
With each "diet" I did I gained more weight as soon as I stopped,,,lesson to be learnt there. Either don't start a diet or don't stop one lol.

I am thinking positively about the weight watchers plan that I'm doing now though, it seems far more user friendly and because it doesn't ban any foods you don't feel deprived of anything, as long as you plan your meals and allow for treats it's quite easy, not like dieting at all,,,in fact I hate that word, "diet" it sends you into "eating frenzy" mode as soon as you say it ! I'm not on a diet,,,, I'm following the weight watchers plan, that sounds so much better lol. This time I am going to get to goal and stay there.

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