Friday, 26 June 2009

O,,,,,,M,,,,,G,,,,,,, I can't believe it, Michael Jackson has died !! He was a brilliant, talented artist and the music world will be the poorer for his loss

I had a pretty good day yesterday, food wise, even though I had a rotten day in other ways. I'm pleased that I didn't turn to food, which is my normal response to stress or anger. I must be "learning",,,,,lol,,,, I'm just wondering how long it takes to actually "get into the habit" of doing weight watchers,,,you know,,,how long before it becomes natural to eat properly ? I'm into my 6th week now and it's still all a bit of a minefield for me. I have to check in the book quite a lot as I'm not sure of the points of some foods,,,,, the ones I eat often though I do know,,, so I guess that's a good sign???

I'm still waiting to hear about jobs, I've applied for a few that the end date is today so IF I'm gonna hear it won't be till next week,,,so YET another week of fingers x'd !! The agency rang me on Wednesday to say they'd put me forward for a part time temp job to start on Monday, but as yet I haven't heard anymore so I'm guessing I haven't got that either. I don't care what anyone says,,,AGE is definately a huge barrier to getting work ! everyone always says "oh they can't discriminate on age",,,,, B******S,,,,, they CAN and they DO,,,, I always have really good interviews,,,, but don't get the job,,,,then receive great feedback,,,, so if I'm doing so great, why am I not getting the job ? Answer: someone younger gets it. Anyway,, off my soap box now and going to do some housework. Byeeee

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